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The Essential Guide to Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Long Island Groundwater Sampling

This post discusses groundwater sampling and the steps that it takes to check the Quality Assurance and Quality Control of the sample. This part of the process is crucial to Long Island Groundwater Sampling. Hence, professionals should perform these steps with care and efficiency.

What is Long Island Groundwater Sampling

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Long Island Groundwater Sampling is a vital component of the majority of subsurface remediation work. We do this to get samples that accurately represent the water quality of the aquifer. The aquifer is a body of saturated rock through which water can easily move.

PG Environmental Services aims to provide the highest standards of quality assurance and quality control using our superior groundwater sampling equipment.

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How to Check the Quality Assurance of
Long Island Groundwater Sampling

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Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) measures are tasks that you must do to prove the accuracy of the data you have. At the same time, it measures precision or how reproducible the results of your monitoring are.

Here are 5 critical QA and QC steps that we should follow to guarantee that samples collected are representative of the actual site conditions:


1. Use New, Wrapped Disposable Sampling Supplies

The staff obtaining the samples should be extremely careful to avoid cross-contamination. We should only wear new nitrile gloves during sampling setup and changed as often as necessary. If we work with an electric or gas-powered pump, then we must use tubing from new, unwrapped spools for each sampling location.


2. Decontaminate Reusable Sampling Supplies

It is imperative that we thoroughly decontaminate groundwater sampling equipment such as gauging probes, pumps, and pass-through water quality monitoring devices before and after use. All portions of the equipment that may come in contact with the purge water must be thoroughly washed with detergent and distilled water. Furthermore, we have to make sure that there aren’t any physical contaminations such as sediment, scale, or other debris.


After the sample has been collected, we need to make sure we do the following…


3. Properly Preserving and Protecting Samples

We must not only handle samples with care, we need to store them properly, too. We may need to place some samples on ice. There are collection vials or jars that may require a chemical preservative. This depends on the type of analyses required and their holding times.

Sample containers are often made of glass or other fragile material. Therefore, we must store it in such a way that prevents excessive impact.


4. Internal Checks

Project field volunteers, staff, and lab perform the internal checks. They look for field blanks, negative and positive plates for bacteria, field duplicates, lab replicates, spike samples, calibration blank, and calibration standards.


5. External Checks

Nonvolunteer field staff and the QC lab are responsible for doing these checks. The QC lab is usually an independent lab that can run the external check.

They check for external field duplicates, split samples, outside lab analysis of duplicate samples, knowns, and unknowns.

Then they compare results from external checks with those obtained by the project lab.


Long Island Groundwater Sampling by PG Environmental Services

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PG Environmental Services is a fully equipped and professionally staffed company that provides a complete range of subsurface explorations and geotechnical investigations. Our team has always implemented the best groundwater sampling methods and at the same time using state-of-the-art groundwater sampling equipment.

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